That the ELECTED might never form to themselves an interest
    separate from the ELECTORS, prudence will point out the
    propriety of having elections often.

    — Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Why The GOP Regression On Science, Truth, And Rationality?


Why is today’s religious right and their political enablers and supporters like Santorum and Gingrich even more benighted, more backward than ignorant, uneducated pissants who lived nearly a thousand years ago? Why do today’s religiously (un)informed right-wingers scream bloody murder at the very mention of climate change, stem cell research, natural selection, and a myriad other scientific topics when many of these same fields of study were avidly pursued by prominent members of the Church centuries ago with an eye toward increasing, rather than diminishing, humanity’s knowledge and understanding of the natural world?

The best guess is power and control. Empowering ignorance is a useful way to to stave off the sovereignty of truth. Holding up science as a straw-man/boogieman enables the right to distract the masses from the real problems facing them, problems often directly caused by right-wing policies. The religion vs. science screamfest is a handy smokescreen for the right as they attempt to divert scrutiny away from their actual plan of taking control of the country away from anyone who is not of their tribe and handing it to the wealthy, the oligarchs, and those whose motives are firmly grounded in their book of rules, the right-wing quarto of money, power, war, and control.

We are witnessing a new low in the right’s never-ending search for more and more insidious ways to grab onto power.

Science makes you think, and republicans cannot have that. They’ve know for years that the best way they can get the rubes in the flyover and confederate states to vote against their own economic interests is to keep them stupid and gullible.

The good news for thinking Americans is that their dumb-down-the-sheeple program is unsustainable, because FOXaganda’s audience of anti-science goobers is literally dying off.  Did you see comparison of the GOP Primary demographics to the overall demographics of the U.S?

Kkkarl Rove will end up with a pantload of Santorum when he sees those numbers.

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